The Big Pineapple

The Big Pineapple is located in Bathurst, Eastern Cape, and is the biggest artificial pineapple in the world. It’s a great tourist attraction and offers some educational insight into the pineapple industry, which is one of the biggest industries in the Eastern Cape.  The small town of Bathurst is about 42 km away from Grahamstown and has a population is 6368. Bathurst is home to many farms and nature reserves. Summerpride Farm is the largest producer of pineapples and contributes to the economy of the Eastern Cape.

The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant and usually produces up to 200 flowers. In 2007, the pineapple farming industry took a massive hit, after the use of contaminated fertilizers reduced the number of pineapples produced. The industry is still in recovery.

Pineapples grow extremely well in the Eastern Cape’s temperate environment and regular rainfall. The flowers of the perennial fruit grow in a pinkish- purple colour.



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