Protesting Rape-Culture (Podcast)

On 8 August 2016, merely months after the #RUReferenceList protests, Rhodes University hosted a HeAIDS dialogue, intending to address issues concerning gender-based violence. 

Students were unhappy with Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Sizwe Mabizela’s decision to host the event, considering university management’s supposed inability to critically address the issue of rape-culture at the university.

Furthermore, many of the protesters felt that were intentionally excluded from the event, as a result of the university failing o advertise the event, which prohibited the movement from organizing.

Students disrupted Dr Mabizela’s opening address, claiming that he has not properly addressed the movements demands, making his speech hypocritical and merely for the purposes of maintaining a positive image.

The student demands included expulsion of alleged perpetrators of rape and an improvement on the process of reporting sexual violence within the university.

Protesting rape culture is a 5 minute podcast discussing the events.

The podcast features:

Lindsay Kelland, researcher at the Allan Grey Institute.

Yolanda Dyanti, student activist

Corrine Knowles, activist and lecturer at Rhodes



Check out more about the events that transpired on Storify:



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