Hills to Die For

“It’s a fun feeling, that adrenaline. Not many people can feel ‘yho, my wheels got chowed today!’ It’s thrilling,” says Grant Hewitt, a student at Rhodes University.

Grant and his friends, Lwando Saunders, Nathan Honey and Ali White, not only skate because it’s fun and rewarding, but also because its functional. “My brother’s digsmate had a longboard that he wasn’t using, so I used that for transport and then I really just got into it,” says Grant.

“You can’t really get scared of falling, because then, why skate? says Lwando, “because you probably will fall.”

When the ground finally dries up from all the spring rain, skateboarders, Grant Hewitt, Nathan Honey, Ali White and Lwando Saunders make their way out to the streets. Despite being a small town with no skatepark, there’s plenty of places to skate. “[There’s] the Hanger, Peppergrove, there’s a little section there, monument and then there’s also around Kings,” says Grant.


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